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June 12, 2020

5 Ways To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Website

If you don’t use Twitter to market valuable content on your website

then you’re missing out. Twitter has many many active users who go online to the network every single day. If you’re not on Twitter yet, then it’s best to make an account and obtain started right away

Here are five useful tips to use Twitter to your advantage and drive targeted traffic to your website:

Get people interested by your content

Using clickbait titles could also be frowned upon by some people. But if you would like to drive traffic to your blog post or landing page or your website generally , then you would like people to be interested by what it’s you’re offering. Don’t leave everything on the table.

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Instead, attempt to appear mysterious to hook people in and obtain them to click on your link!

Use #hashtags

You can inspect the trending hashtags on Twitter and check out to urge traffic that way. otherwise you can use your own hashtags if you favor . If you’ll use catchy or funny hashtags, which will be even better as which will potentially encourage new people to follow you.

Use @mentions

If you’ve mentioned some influencers in your blog post or in your article, then attempt to search their Twitter username or handle so you’ll mention them in your tweet. Reaching bent people this manner may be a great strategy as their followers will see your tweet too.

If your tweets look interesting, they’ll not only click through to your site, but they only might find yourself following you also .

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Add graphics or videos to your tweet

Using graphic quotes on Twitter remains popular to the present day. People simply love visually appealing tweets. Other tweets that are becoming many love from Twitterverse are people who include videos.

So if you would like people to go to your website, confirm you include either high quality graphics or a brief video in your tweet

Ask people to retweet

Asking people to retweet doesn’t need to be difficult. You don’t need to desire you’re eating your pride. Come on, this is often social media where the name of the sport is to interact and interact with people.

Don’t be afraid to feature a Please RT somewhere in your tweet, so your followers know you would like help retweeting your awesome content


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