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June 2, 2020

Tools On Twitter

tools on twitter

tools on twitter, twellow is another useful gizmo for expanding the reach of

your twitter universe, which, yes, some call twitterverse. Twellow categorizes twitter users supported keywords within the bio sections of their profiles, in tools on twitter, users also can claim twellow profiles for any twitter username that belongs to them by proving who they’re .

tools on twitter in twellow

Reclaim allows you to edit the entry to feature categories or remove incorrect categories. Twellow is searchable by name, location, or category, almost like Twitter’s online telephone book , hence the name twellow.

tools on twitter search using twitter search, twitter also has its own program , referred to as twitter search, which you’ll access by typing within the search field at the highest of any twitter screen.You can enter any keyword of your choice within the twitter search field, and twitter not only

gives you leads to chronological order, with the foremost recent one at the highest , it also tells you when people have made new tweets, that match your search criteria and provides you the choice to update search results you’ll use twitter search to seek out new people on twitter by typing

tool on twitter

keywords associated with your interests or profession within the field.Bonus in tools on twitter, Since twitter search ranks results supported how recent they’re , the people you discover through this search are likely to be very active twitter users, twitter search was originally created by another web startup called

Summize, which gained special access to twitter’s application interface API to make an enquiry engine for the microsharing service.

lthough twitter acquired Summize and way back changed the name to twitter search, the name summize was used casually tools on twitter for several years before disappearing.


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